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Typical Questions

Where is the Farm?

The Devine Farm is easy to find.  If you can find Interstate 57, which bisects Illinois from north to south, you can travel to the Ashkum exit, milemarker 293.  When you exit onto Highway 52, you will travel east approximately 13 miles.  The Devine Farm is about 4 miles east of north/south Route 1 on the south side of the road.  If you type in the 2331 East Highway 52, Martinton, Il address on your map app, it will direct you there.  The official address of the farm is 2333 East Highway 52, but for some reason map apps cannot find that correctly and the 2331 works!

Grounds Safety

The Devine Farm provides a venue for relaxing and enjoying outside activities.  The site has been cleaned as well as possible over the past several years.  Fragile trees have been removed.  Old farm implements have been cleaned out.  Any visible trash that had accumulated over the past decades has been picked up and thrown out.  Most of the 30 acre site has been mowed and any debris found during those operations removed.

I cut down literally hundreds of small and medium-size trees and bushes around the site to clear out overgrown vegetation.  Most of the stumps have also been ground down or removed.  That does not mean that they are all gone, however!  There may be some stumps that are only a few inches high but that can trip up a hiker or biker.   It is the responsibility of the guests to be careful and aware of the conditions where they are hiking or biking.  In conjunction with this we do require a Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to coming on site.  This form can be downloaded, signed and emailed or texted to

Vehicle Safety

Whether you bring your own motorized equipment, are tooling around the farm or adjacent roads on bikes or ATV's or other equipment, guests are responsible for obeying all laws and standards to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

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